by Gaz Brookfield

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    Gaz's 6th studio album, Lostfolk.

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So, the difficult 6th album eh?

The title, "Lostfolk", came out of a conversation I had with Jake Martin while we were on tour in 2018. We were discussing which genre we pick from from the dropdown boxes on festival application websites, and how neither of us felt like any of the options particularly applied to us.

I've never considered myself to be a folk musician, as such, despite having some vaguely folky sounding songs. I don't fit into the "singer/songwriter", bracket either, as for me that conjures up mental images of more, shall we say, subdued musicians. While there is of course a place for that, it's not really me. I've never been a "punk" either, so "folk/punk", has always been a fairly alien concept to me. Yeah I know I have tattoos and shout a lot, but I still don't feel particularly punk.

So this left Jake and I feeling somewhat lost between the genres, which led to a conversation about the movie, The Lost Boys, and how awesome it is. Did you know that there are two sequels to that!? Anyway, I digress...so this led us to joking about being the Lost Boys/Men of folk, and then this became Lostfolk.

Lostfolk is the new genre that Jake and I have invented for ourselves, but everyone is welcome. If you want to be Lostfolk too, you're more than welcome. Not just for musicians too. If you feel at any point, in any way, lost, then why not be lost together?


released October 1, 2019

Gaz Brookfield - guitars and vocals.
Chris Webb - guitars and vocals.
Ben Wain - fiddle.
Lex Wood - Drums and percussion.
Jon Buckett - Keyboards, pianos and synths.
Tom Granville - bass.
Nick Parker - mandolin.
John Hare - Trumpets, cornet and accordion.
Foz - saxophone.
Melvin Duffy - pedal steel.
Peter George Rowe - guitars.
Christian Walsh - guitars.
Jake Martin - co writer of, and vocals on Aged Revolt, and Great Minds Drink Alike.
Special thanks to Andy Marcer and all at The Beehive, Swindon for you superb vocal talents.

Recorded and mixed during May, June and July 2019 by Jon Buckett, at Earthworm Studios, Swindon.
Pete Hewington - Drums recording engineer.
Evan Costello - Live engineer on Great Minds Drink Alike.
Mastered by Pete Maher.
Artwork by Lex Wood.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Lostfolk
Foolishly, I thought I knew my place,
That certainty has left without a trace,
Set adrift, no compass to be found,
Directionless and about to run aground..

Lost among the mirrors and the smoke,
Lost in the punchline of a badly written joke,
We can't fix it if we don't know how it broke,
We're just lost folk, we're just lost folk.

Never right, but also not all that far left,
Not submerged but it's still hard to catch my breath,
Not middle aged or old, but definitely not young,
Up to speed but still don't know what's going on.

And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels this way,
Forever int he dark, yet blinded by the day,
So if you're as lost as me then gather round,
Because along we maybe lost, but together there's a chance that we'll be found.
Track Name: IOU
You shouted, "if you're not happy do something about it",
That's good advice, I couldn't live without it,
I like to think I could do but I doubt it,
So simple yet effective, and the reason,
I finally found the courage and the freedom,
To focus on the things that I believe in,
To try and live a life that has a meaning
For that, and so much more is why

I owe you everything

And you put up with,
A lot from me and some might say you're stuck with
This alcoholic, idiotic fuck-wit,
If stupidity was gold, you really struck it,
And I don't know what I did to deserve you,
And I know I can never reimburse you
For all you've done, and all that that refers to,
And I don't think I even have the words to,
Adequately tell you why

For every smile and every tear,
For every month and ever year,
For every time you bit your tongue
Every time I was wrong,
For every kiss and every fight,
For every stupid drunken night,
For all the pain and all the fun,
For every single thing you've done is why
Track Name: The Glorious Adventure Co.
I never thought in all of my days
I'd ever get to visit such a place
The sights the sounds the chaos and the calm
All part of it's irresistible charm

Now all my fears have gone
I am where I belong

I didn't come here to define myself
That's not the plan and never was
I didn't come here to find myself
I came here to get lost

And now I'm here and I don't ever want to go
Back to the life I had and everything I know
The madness of this place is like a drug
And I don't think I'll ever get enough
Track Name: Afterthought
It's fair to say you've had a shocker of a year
But that's ok, that's why invented beer
You feel lost, your friends will be your guides
Yeah you've got us and plenty more besides

But if we don't talk about out problems
How are we supposed to solve them
I hope that you know I'm always here
It shouldn't be an afterthought
To say we've got this wrong before
Would be the understatement of the year

And you know I'm only one phone call away
And I won't, I won't ever hesitate
I'll be there in a heartbeat by your side
And I don't care if all you want to do is cry

And I know when you're low and you can't see the sun
And you feel you've begun to drown
Take the hand of a man who knows how to fight
And who won't take it lying down
Track Name: Aged Revolt
I know occasionally it seems like it's you and me
Versus a world that doesn't care
But we take heart from the fact, when we remember that
There's still a lot like us out there

We are the rebel alliance and we don't know how to give in
We'll stand in defiance and fight with conviction to win
Yeah we may older but we can still hold out own
This aged revolt is the proof that we're never alone

I know there's members of my generation lost
Lost to a world of hate and fear
Supposed majority, no they don't speak for me
Speak for this ageing mutineer

We may be the youth no more
Long in the tooth for sure
But we have a voice that will be heard
Combating the hate with love
Bring about the end of
This theatre of the absurd
Track Name: Pen To Paper
Oh it's a cardinal sin in songwriting
To write about just writing
But I'm in a drought, nothing's coming out
So I've given up fighting
I know it's not that bad an issue to have
Oh it's such a first world problem
And I know it's wrong, but here's another song
That might not make the album

And if you're getting bored, because it's only got two chords
And you're waiting for a chorus
Don't hold your breath, I've got nothing yet
Except an over used thesaurus
You see I've got the fear, because it's been a year
Since I last put pen to paper
And I hope I'm wrong, but what if this is my last song
That fear is even greater

Maybe a minor E, will add mystery
And a sense of sad reflection
But that minor key, is a trick you see
Just good old fashioned misdirection
So I'm going back to the chords I had
And contemplate the permutations
See I can't just turn it on, and bang out a song
I need to wait for inspiration

So if you can forgive or maybe just bear with
And we'll get through this together
Because it's just one song, and it won't take long
No it won't go on forever
Track Name: Snakes and Ladders
We're all dealt and equal now
Just some more equal than the rest
Is it skill or is it chance now
That determines who is best

None of that has ever mattered
None of that was ever fair
Coz in the game there are far more snakes than ladders
Yeah they're everywhere

It's only a game, it's only game
I know there's a tendency to take it seriously
But it's only a game

So let the thin ones have their contests
Let them argue all day long
And we will carry on regardless
With these unpopular songs

So if focus on ambition
Don't let yourself be led astray
Then it is not a competition
Well, not a close one anyway
Track Name: OALAEGO
It must be nice to have all the answers
Being right all of the time
And I know I may not meet your standards, friend
You've got your opinions and I have got mine

And it's great that feel you can tell us
Every thought rattling round your brain
And I'll admit I can be over zealous at times
If only you could own up to the same

Coz if you choose the chance to prove
Your point within a song
Understand that there's a chance
That you could still be wrong

I like a of the things that you're saying
Maybe just not how they're said
The sentiment that you're conveying can be
Swept up in the storm and blown over head

So climb down off that soap box, it's slippery
That horse has always been too high
And whether against me or with me on this
There's always a chance neither of us are right
Track Name: Uneducated Guess
Everyday we're faced with different ways to try and sift through the bullshit
All that we can really ever hope for is a way to get through it
Surely they must know by now we don't believe a thing that they tell us?
Surely they must know by now that we won't buy a thing that they sell us?

Where can we turn as the whole world burns?
Where can we hide from vanity and pride?
Nobody knows the right way to go
All we have is our best uneducated guess

Standing on the edge of the unknown can be a little un-nerving
Given the impression of a say in this while merely subserving
Political diversionary tactics are a slight of hand
Honesty and truth become the modern day contraband
Track Name: Great Minds Drink Alike
It's our day off tomorrow, what d'you want to do?
How about we drown our sorrows, does that sound good to you?
May that's fucking genius, I like the way you think
I've only got one question for you, where we gonna drink?

If we were in Bristol we'd probably go down to the lanes
White russians and pizza, maybe bowl a couple frames
The Bank's just round the corner, you know that's where we'd end up
That uniquely inhospitable environment we love

And I bet I know what you're thinking
A little bit of all day drinking
And I know you know I'm right
Because great minds drink alike

If we were in Brighton we'd drink cider on the stones
A beer and a bite at Smokey's then to The Albert we would roam
Shots next to the Banksy, a punk show at The Green Door Store
And as the band sings, "DIY or die", we drink the bar dry, then it's home

If we were in York, we'd be at The Fulford Arms
In London it's The Monarch where we'd fall for Camden's charms
If we were in Worcester we'd be drinking by The Severn
And if we were in Plymouth we's be drunkest men in Devon
Track Name: Just Another Day
Oh it's just another day, isn't that what people say
When the drifting sands of time begin to drift away
I'm disguising how I feel, pretending it's not real
Refusing to acknowledge my diminishing appeal

Oh it's just another day, that's all that I can say
Coz the cracks have started showing and my beard is turning grey
And I'm grumpy all the time, and I've switched from beer to wine
Ageing is the punishment if living is the crime

It's age old age dilemma, the game we all must play
We can't go on forever, but it's just another day

I'm settled in my ways, stagnated in this phase
Of life but I'm ok with that, it's just me nowadays
See I prefer my local pub to a noisy late night club
I'm just old enough to know by now exactly what I love

Oh it's just another day, a gradual decay
Life is just a loan and it's a debt we have to pay
So celebrate your birth with levity and mirth
Make the most of everyday you spend upon this earth

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